Subject Character set questions
Author Alan McDonald
A database created in character set NONE:
some columns are defined as something other than NONE e.g. many system table

Application connects with NONE

Now there is a subtle move to unicode afoot.

What happens if I set the default application connection to UTF8? (i.e. what
transformations/transliterations will be forced into the system?)

What happens if after some time for whatever reason I change to ASCII
connection? or vice versa?
(what will happen to the contents of field values?)

Is it OK to go from ASCII to UTF8 but likely issues of you go the other way?

If all this is done in the context of an application written for and used
under Australian (US English) with whatever code page WindowsXP runs with,
will this cause any other issues? or defray possible issues?

Some users like to enter Alt key combinations to achieve 1/2 (half)
characters. Will those characters be transformed if they were done during a
NONE connection but reviewed under an ASII or UTF8 connection?
At the moment I see the correct 1/2 or 1/4 character when seen under ASCII
connections where they have been created under NONE connections.. is this an
accident or is this the way it should be?

 Alan McDonald