Subject Backup consistency checks again
Author Steffen Heil

I posted about this topic some time ago, but did not get any answers.
However this is no strict repost, I do have an idea to solve this myself, I
just don't know if this works, so I will first repeat my setup:

I am doing scripted database backups using multilevel nbackup.
Since these backups need to go through some slow links, I cannot transfer
the whole database at once, but I am only transferring the newest update
levels. That is
0. Every first Sunday of a quarter.
1. Every first Sunday of a month.
2. Every Sunday.
3. Every day.
(On some servers: 4. Every hour.)
These files are copied over a slow network link just after creation,
therefor only 4 times a year a full backup file needs to be transferred.

Now I am searching for a way to check these backups on the receiving end. So
I have some questions:

1. Is it possible to rebuild a database from the nbackup-files WITHOUT
having firebird installed as a daemon?
2. Is it possible to check the resulting database files for consistency that
I can be absolutely certain, that these work?

The new idea is to use embedded server. Now my questions:

A) Is there any nbackup compiled including embedded server?

B) Is there any gbak compiled including embedded server?

C) Can this even be accomplished?

I cannot simply install the correct firebird server version on the backup
host (that shall verify the backups), because it shall process backups of
several database servers including windows and linux, 32bit and 64bit...
The backup host is currently linux 64bit...

Best Regards,

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