Subject Re: Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64 problem in installing FirebirdSS-
Author raja_s_patil
Thanks Steve,

> 1.Install Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)
> 2.Use KPackage :
> - Download flamerobin
> - Download firebird 2.1-super
> 3.sudo dpkg-reconfigure firebird2.1-super (enter details on pop-up screen
> and enter OK. Tab and arrow between fields), I didn't even get a hang this
> time.
> Step 3 gives you a character style pop-up window. If you can't see it,
> maybe alt-tab between windows.
> Good luck.

inspite of Best wishes from you and detailed instructions
and even I followed them ditto I get following

rsp@DELL-1710:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure firebird2.1-super
/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: firebird2.1-super is broken or not fully installed

I dont know What I am missing.

My repositories are "main repositories"
are u using something different. Thats only doubt now.

Meanwhile I tried Classic also but same results.

When I tried with synaptic I get more detailed error like
failure of server-common package.

Any other suggestion ?

Can Firebird Community release new tar.gz for Kubuntu 9.10 ?

Thanks and best regards.