Subject Re: Help connecting to firebird from shared hosting environment missing drivers
Author jsmith43
I AM trying to use the libraries from the client side. I've got port 3050 open on the server (a remote machine) and I'm trying to connect to it from my shared hosting account (hereafter referred to as my _local_ machine).

The local machine does not have the ibase php libs installed. So I can't use any of the abstraction libs either. I can access the remote machine fine from my desktop (MacOS) with the gui tools, so I'm confident that that end will not present an issue. I'm just not able to generate a connection on the local end to it.

> you don't need the client drivers on the server. Use them on the client.
> The only reason you can't get ot the server from client libs from a client
> would be IF the host has blocked (via firewall) port 3050.
> Other than this comment, I don't understand what you think you need to do.
> Alan