Subject RE: [firebird-support] Help connecting to firebird from shared hosting environment missing drivers
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi guys,
> After thoroughly searching the forum (and google) I'm at a loss as to
> how to proceed.
> I've got a firebird db on a remote (windows) host. I'd like to run a
> query against a view on that system from a shared hosting environment.
> ibase is not compiled into php, so (to my knowledge -and efforts) I
> cannot get PDO or ADO to work. Is there a driver written IN PHP that
> could be used? Perhaps some kind of wacky ODBC thing (before you
> mention it unixodbc not compiled in either) that I can access?
> I'm resorting to trying to compile static binaries of embedded server
> so that I can 'exec' isql to run the query and parse the output. This
> is not only a pretty bad hack, but getting the binaries is something of
> an issue (can't compile on shared hosting environment).
> Any suggestions for a poor tired developer?
> Using PHP5
> Thanks in advance,
> -Jason

you don't need the client drivers on the server. Use them on the client.
The only reason you can't get ot the server from client libs from a client
would be IF the host has blocked (via firewall) port 3050.

Other than this comment, I don't understand what you think you need to do.