Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems with user/roles grants
Author Ramiro Barreca
Thanks Helen.
I think the problem is not this one.
As an error, the system report that the user has no access privilege to some
system tables (RDB$RELATIONS, RDB$RELATION_FIELDS, etc.), even though ther
was no change in rights.


2009/10/21 Helen Borrie <helebor@...>

> At 12:54 AM 22/10/2009, Ramiro Barreca wrote:
> >We are having problems with rights acces to several tables, users and
> roles.
> >The FB server reports that a user does not have read access to a table
> even
> >though it has
> >We have tested rights the same on user own rigths and its roles using
> >IBExpert and everithing is granted, but the system continues reporting
> >access errors.
> >May be the security2.fdb database gets corrupted?
> Not the security database: it has no part to play in permissions.
> >There was no change in security issues to those users/roles and today the
> >problem appeared.
> >Any help, please?
> Probably symptoms of an old bug that shows up when the number of
> permissions in RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES gets too big.
> Look at and
> That is why DS asked you about your exact Firebird version. These bugs are
> fixed in Fb 2.1.2/2.1.3 and 2.0.5 (FB 1.5.6 also).
> > If so, any way to validate this database?
> If this bug is the cause of your problems then the Access Control List is
> already broken (truncated).
> As a temporary workaround, you could try reducing the size of the ACL. Get
> everybody off the system while you do this.
> As SYSDBA, do a metadata extract (isql -a), piped to a text file. At the
> end of the output is a full list of the GRANT/REVOKE statements that pertain
> to the records in RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES. Use that to identify any unused
> permissions (for users, tables, other objects that no longer exist) and to
> write a script to revoke those dead privileges. That should update the ACL
> with a progressively smaller size.
> If you continue to add privileges then the problem will keep coming back
> until you upgrade to the repaired server version. Of course, if there are no
> dead privileges that you can clean out then there is no temporary
> workaround.
> ./heLen

Ramiro Barreca

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