Subject AW: [firebird-support] Little Problem about trigger reference
Author Olaf Kluge

sorry, but I must ask you again, because unfortunately the problem still
exists. Any ideas?

Best regards.



yes, I have single user access to the database.

in this one case, I have deledet in the system tables. Some parts (triggers,
constraints) I could not delete before. After I have done, I could delete

In the second case, I don't have deleted in the system tables. I'm using
FB-IB-Manager (Firebird-Interbase-Manager). This table, I cannot delete it.
Not with a sql-statement and not directly with the manager.

Backup and Restore of the database works fine, there are no errors in the
current database.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

> Before, I have had this problem with another table that I couldn't delete.
> In this case, after I have deleted the system trigger (checkxxx), I was
> to delete.

You deleted directly from the system tables (*shivering*).

> Can anyone help me?

Do you have single user access to the database?