Subject Little Problem about trigger reference
Author Olaf Kluge

today I have a little problem with an old table. This table I would like to

I'm using firebird 2.1 classic server.

This table has references to another table. This constraints (foreign keys)
I can't delete. It appears the follow message:

unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude
successful execution of subsequent statements. Lock on no wait transaction.
Unsuccessful metadata update. Object INDEX is in use.

The Maintable "users" with primary key has an field "ID". It is an unique ID
of an user. Now, the table "messages" I would delete. There are three field
with a foreign key to this ID of table "users" (User, that created the
message, Second, the user, the message is adressed to and third, the user,
that is responible). I have deledet all records, but I can't delete the
constraints and the table.

Before, I have had this problem with another table that I couldn't delete.
In this case, after I have deleted the system trigger (checkxxx), I was able
to delete.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much.


Olaf Kluge