Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to detect which Firebird version is running on a Linux server
Author Milan Babuskov
Benton Quest wrote:
> As subject please.

Please define "running" :)

Classic uses xinetd or inetd to accept incoming connections. Once
connection is established a process named fb_inet_server is started. To
see whether any such processes exist, you can use ps command:

ps ax | grep fb_inet_server

To check whether xinetd or inetd is running:

ps ax | grep inetd

To check whether xinetd is accepting connections you can try to connect
to it. If you don't have any firebird tools, you can use telnet

telnet localhost 3050

You can also check if inetd is configured to accept Firebird connections
(doesn't mean it's running) using chkconfig command:

chkconfig --list firebird

or just:

chkconfig --list

Now, to make it running, you need to make sure:

1. Firebird is installed
2. xinetd or inetd is installed
3. xinetd or inetd is running

The way to check these and start xinetd depends on the Linux
distribution you are using, so, the question is:

which Linux distribution are you using?

Milan Babuskov

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