Subject Re: [firebird-support] FBServer goes to rail
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:41 AM 16/10/2009, you wrote:

> We are having some problems with database corruption. We are
>running Windows XP SP2 with Firebird 2.0 and ODBC driver
>While the database is connected and being serviced we have a clean
>script scheduled for 2:00 a.m. that uses the perl DBI to clean old
>transactions and alerts from the database.

That's too vague. What does "clean old transactions and alerts from the database" mean, actually?

>When the script runs on a corrupt database the script completes and doesn't detect any error.

How do you know it's a corrupt database? What symptoms do you get that leads to that conclusion?

>When the script is exited the FBServer.exe task has gone to rail consuming 88
>to 92 % of the CPU and our system becomes unusable.

"gone to rail" = ?????

>Our system locking up is our first evidence that a problem exists. There is no evidence of the failure in Firebird.log.

Describe what "locking up" means here.

>GFix does flesh out there is a problem but this is post mortem.

gfix with which switch[es] delivers what information indicating a problem?

>I have attempted to add debug and set up the SIG ALRM features in perl employing an eval construct but as soon as a call
>is made to fetch() or connect(). The next time the clean scripts are run
>the call to fetch() makes the server instance go to rail and doesn't
>respond. Halting Firebird Server seems to flesh out that the problem:

[snip lots of stuff]

If you want help in this list with what might be going on in the database, you'll need to provide some info that describes the symptoms in terminology that doesn't require others to recognise the idiom of your programming environment.

The ODBC driver isn't on the Agenda in this forum: but if you can provide some driver-specific messages, symptoms, etc., in a non-idiomatic fashion, there is likely to be someone in the firebird-odbc-devel list who can help you to straighten out your ODBC problems. There's a subscriber interface for all of the lists at

These are peer-group forums with lots of people willing to help others out of their difficulties. Bear in mind that the majority of us don't do Perl and that some of the folk most likely to understand your problems do not have English as first language.