Subject Re: [firebird-support] lock manager out of room
Author Ann W. Harrison
tomasjira wrote:
> If I obtain error message
> Generat SQL error
> Lock manager out of room
> parametr LockMemSize was increased to 256K but problem persist.
> Is there any other possoble reason for this error ?

Be more aggressive in increasing the size of the lock table ...

From an earlier post

The size of the lock table can be increased by changing
this parameter in the firebird.conf file:

# Bytes of shared memory allocated for lock manager.
# In Classic mode, the size given is used for the initial
# allocation. The table expands dynamically up to the
# limit of memory. In SuperServer, the initial size is
# also the final size.
# Default is 96K on Linux and Solaris, 256K on Windows.
# Type: integer
#LockMemSize = 262144

remove the leading '#' in the last line and double
or quadruple the value. The number is in bytes, so
you're not going to use much memory on a modern machine.

You should also increase the width of the lock hash table,
in the entry below. Pick a prime number between 211 and
503 - lower if you double the table, higher if you quadruple

# Tune lock hash list; more hash slots mean shorter hash chains. Only
# necessary under very high load. Prime number values are recommended.
# Type: integer
#LockHashSlots = 101