Subject Re: [firebird-support] Including Silent Install of Firebird in InstallShield installer
Author Robert
I have an NSIS installer script that does just this. The script allows
the user to choose client, server, or both. For the client components
I use:

DetailPrint 'Installing Firebird Client'
ExecWait '"$OUTDIR\Firebird_Server.exe" /DIR="$INSTDIR\Server"
/COMPONENTS=ClientComponent' $0


DetailPrint 'Installing Firebird ODBC Driver'
ExecWait '"$OUTDIR\Firebird_ODBC.exe" /DIR="$INSTDIR\ODBC"

For the server I use:

ExecWait '"$OUTDIR\Firebird_Server.exe" /DIR="$INSTDIR\Server"
/NOGDS32' $0

ExecWait executes an executable file. Firebird_Server.exe is the
renamed Firebird installer. Firebird_ODBC.exe is the installer for the
IBPhoenix ODBC driver. Most (but not all) of the switches are
documented - the ones that weren't I guessed at. I googled the
switches I knew to find the documentation for the rest :). $OUTDIR and
$INSTDIR are the executable directory and installation directory
respectively. $STARTMENUDIR is the start menu directory. After
execution the variable $0 contains the "error level" - if the value is 9
(set by /RESTARTEXITCODE), the installation requires a reboot to complete.



Myles Wakeham wrote:
> I have an existing vertical market product that we ship in an InstallShield
> Express installer. I would like to have the installer include the
> installation of Firebird Super Server on a Windows server platform. I'm
> looking for some advice, documents, etc. that explain how to bundle Firebird
> Super Server installation into an existing InstallShield installer, ideally
> as a 'silent' installation so that it produces the minimum amount of user
> interface screens for the person doing the installation.
> I believe that we can script (after the installation completes) the creation
> of user accounts for the database, etc. however it's the initial
> installation that I'm not sure about.
> Any advice or sharing of experiences with doing this sort of thing is
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Myles
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