Subject Re: [firebird-support] conection string
Author John vd Waeter
Sergio H. Gonzalez wrote:
> Hi, I'm using FB2.1
> I'm having problems to conect to the database from the clients PCs in a windows
> XP network
> I'm using this kind of string:
> On the server it works okm but in any other PC I get the messagge:
> I/O error for file DATA.FDB
> Error while trying to open the file
> What I'm doing wrong?

Ok, using the Alias is the better way, but this connetionstring should
work if the file is present...

There is no further error description? File not found, File may be in
use by another appl or something alike?

Can you open it from a client using a tool like FlameRobin, IBExpert,

Do you use TCP/IP in the network? Is there a firewall or a
"sophisticated" antivirus-program on the server which is blocking access
to port 3050?