Subject Re: firebird.msg location
Author svanderclock
--- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...>
> > On the client computer i install only fbclient.dll and firebird.msg.
> I bet under "install" you mean "copied". So, you didn't use proper
> install procedure (using instclient and/or instreg). Why do you think
> that copying is enough at all? FB client is looking for message file
> using data from registry or environment variables, which you omitted.
> SY, SD.

someone say me that instclient is for copying GDS32DLL or anything else
in the system32 directory! i absolutely don't want to put the dll in
such share folder ! for exemple i loose yesterday 5 hours to understand
why i have an eaccess violation in my software using libmysql.dll
(mysql) ! simple : my soft use php and mysql ... php load libmysql.dll
from the dll he have in his directory and my soft load libmysql from
the system32 directory .... and the result are that the 2 dll are not
the same and i don't know why but the result was an eacessviolation in
php !!