Subject cannot alter column collate. does it exists in FB 2.0?
Author emb_blaster
hi all,
I´m trying this SQL (FB 2.0.4 Win32):

alter table NEW_TABLE
alter column col_temp
type varchar(14)
character set WIN1252
collate PXW_INTL850

This is the error:

Invalid token.
Dynamic SQL Error.
SQL error code = -104.
Token unknown - line 5, column 1.

searching I don´t found that this is not possible. May be I
misunderstd the docs from interbase60:

ALTER TABLE table <operation> [, <operation> …];

<operation> = {ADD <col_def>
| ADD <tconstraint>

| ALTER [COLUMN] column_name <alt_col_clause>
| DROP col
| DROP CONSTRAINT constraint}

<alt_col_clause> = {TO new_col_name
| TYPE new_col_datatype
| POSITION new_col_position}

<col_def> = col {<datatype> | COMPUTED [BY] (<expr>) | domain}

[DEFAULT {literal | NULL | USER}]



[COLLATE collation]