Subject Fb/2.1.2RC1 install problems
Author Aage Johansen
Installing Firebird has been very easy. However,
I've now tried to install Fb/2.1.2RC1 on (freshly
installed) Windows 2003 Server SP2. This
failed. I had administrator rights. MSI version
is 3.01. Everything went smoothly until the
final stages where I received messages about not
being able to run instreg/instsvc/ instclient
(not sure which (at least two different messages)
- btw, does the install produce a log file?). We
were trying to install SS (defaults
everywhere). A Firebird entry was created in the Registry - it was empty IIRC.

Well. After this I looked in Firebird's doc
folder - and found some notes on installation:
Using the Win32 Firebird Installer
Don't overlook the need to have the Microsoft®
Visual C and Visual C++ runtimes (msvcrt.dll and
msvcpp60.dll, respectively) present in the system
directory of all Windows servers and clients,
including Windows Embedded installations. For
your convenience, copies of these libraries will
be placed in the \bin directory of the Firebird install. ...

0. "READ THIS FIRST!" appears on page 13 :-)
1. Should not "msvcpp60.dll" be "msvcp60.dll" ?
2. "system directory" - this is WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 ?
3. I did _not_ find either of these files in Firebird's bin folder
4. Both files were found in my WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (so things should be OK)

There are previous Q/A here on install problems,
but I didn't find anything "interesting".

Aage J.