Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: GSTAT, GFIX, etc from the network
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Available switches:
> -a analyze data and index pages
> -d analyze data pages
> -h analyze header page
> -i analyze index leaf pages
> -s analyze system relations
> -u username
> -p password
> -r analyze average record and version length
> -t tablename
> -z display version number
> -tr use trusted authentication
> so normally it's gstat c:\...\mydatabase
> nos if i do
> gstat My_FBServer_IP:pathtothedatabase
> i receive : the system cannot fint the path specified !

* Is pathtothedatabase an alias or a full qualified path *on*
* Can you connect to the database with isql with the same connect string?

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