Subject Re: GSTAT, GFIX, etc from the network
Author svanderclock
gstat gave me :

Available switches:
-a analyze data and index pages
-d analyze data pages
-h analyze header page
-i analyze index leaf pages
-s analyze system relations
-u username
-p password
-r analyze average record and version length
-t tablename
-z display version number
-tr use trusted authentication

so normally it's gstat c:\...\mydatabase
nos if i do

gstat My_FBServer_IP:pathtothedatabase

i receive : the system cannot fint the path specified !

how to do ??

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> > Thanks Adam for the answer, but how to do that ??
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> > for exemple just with gstat ?
> use gstat -? to get the syntax, then use your normal network
> connection string.
> Adam