Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Using unicode versus WIN1252 (Firebird
Author Uwe Grauer
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> skoczian wrote:
>> There is one thing more: even if the database character set uses one
>> byte per character (ISO8859_something, ASCII, WINsomething...), but
>> the connection character set is UTF8, the client gets 4*N bytes for a
>> CHAR(N) field, padded with spaces. And that doesn't only look ugly in
>> a tabular representation, it can trip you up working with the data.
>> On the other hand, if the system character set is UTF8, another
>> connection character set causes problems with the non-ASCII characters.
> These problems should be addressed by database access layer/library (the
> real problem is that most database access libraries for Firebird do not
> do it, or are completely unaware of the whole issue). Try for example
> with FlameRobin and you should not see any of those problems because
> there's code in there to translate characters between system and
> database connection charset and also code that 'cuts' chars and varchars
> to proper size.

I tested with flamerobin 0.9.0 against FB 2.0.4 SS and CHAR(1) gives a 4
byte string buffer in flamrobin. (db charset and connection charset is UTF8)
Are there newer flamerobin versions which already fixed this?