Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 Embedded VS FB 2.1 Enbedded
Author Anderson Farias

> AFAIU, the released notes (PDF files) *are* included in the Win Embedded
> kits;


> This isn't correct, since it isn't possible to just "install and use"
> embedded.
> That said, regardless of how it is actually used, embedded isn't intended
> to be a "newbie's way in".
> I consider it more confusing to give newbie users the impression that the
> embedded kit is some kind of "install-and-go" package, as the server kits
> are.

Ok. It's just that before (fb 1.5) it was so easy to use embedded it gave
that impression =)

The only thing I still find it's wrong and it sould be improved is to
include some infor regarding MSVC8 runtimes deployment on
"README_embedded.txt" since this is probably first doc most people will read
to get going. The "USAGE" part makes anyone believe you just don't need this
MSVC8 thing. Just MHO.

Anyway, I understood and got a clear picture now. Thanks.


Anderson Farias