Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 Embedded AND client within the same application.
Author Woody
From: "vincentlemieux" <vincentlemieux@...>
> Hi,
> I have an application to transfer data from one database to another
> database. This application connects to database A (FB1.5) and then
> connects to database B (FB1.5 too).
> For some customers, their connections to database A is remote so they
> use the fbclient.dll located in C:\Program Files\...\Firebird_1_5
> \bin\fbclient.dll. Then, their connection to database B is local so
> they are using the fbembed.dll.
> What happens is that even if a connection to database A is successful,
> I always get a "unavailable database" error message when trying to
> connect to database B using the embedded DLL.
> Any clue about what can forbid connecting to a embedded database when a
> remote connection is alredy made??

Can't help with the problem but I do have a question. Why not just use the
embedded client to connect to both? The embedded client can act as both an
embedded (single user only) client as well as a remote client to a FB

Woody (TMW)