Subject Re: [firebird-support] isql / create database / files permissions
Author Philippe Makowski
Peter Lee [09-01-08 10.18] :
> Hello,
> I'm working with Firebird 2.1 SS on MacOS 1.5. When I create a databsae
> using ISQL, root is the owner, and only root has read and write
> permissions. In the quick start guide, in the creating databases area,
> it mentions that classic server allows you to have your login used as
> the owner, which would allow me to run chmod on the database without
> using sudo or logging in as root. (these are linux instructions but I
> presume they'd be the same on mac).
> Is this possible with Superserver? I've tried create database with and
> without localhost: and the result is the same.
According to Paul Beach, it is deliberate that databases are own by root when you use