Subject Re: [firebird-support] Any news regarding SuperClassic and events / RemoteAuxPort?
Author Zd
By instant I didn't mean "in the EXACT same time". A few seconds delay over
the Internet is acceptable, and the application has been prepared for this.

Regarding one of your previous posts:

> But tell me how you're going to make Classic's events pass through the
> Firewall of a $50-$100 router?

>> Like any other ipfw.

Please explain this. Firewalls and routers are not in my area of expertise,
but since I'm forced to do everything myself, I could use some help /

I've read a paper on Firebird and events which said that Classic + Events +
Firewall over the Internet is not doable, but again, I might have misread it
or the paper might have been wrong...

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>>> Give up. This idea aboout instant notification won't work anyway via
>>> Internet.
>> Why?
> Because words "Internet" and "Instant" can't stay together.
> Especially if my guess about your programming skill is right. Have you
> really tested your application working via Internet even with
> Superserver and 10-20 connections?
> SY, SD.
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