Subject error: INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054 with Firebird.Net
Author Rick Roen
Hi all - I posted this on Firebird.Net users group, but there has
been no activity there for a week so it seems like the answerers are
out for the holidays. I post here since it seems like someone else
may be able to shed some light...

Firebird server v 2.1.17910
FirebirdClient.dll v
Vista Business

My firebird.log file is filled with hundreds entries like:
RICK2008 (Server) Sat Dec 27 13:21:07 2008
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

My connection string is:
initial catalog=???;user id=Sysdba;password=masterkey;role
name=Full_Access;data source=localhost;pooling=True;max pool
size=100;min pool size=10;packet size=8192;dialect=3

I see that this error is from a dropped connection, however since I
am using my local Firebird server in a test environment (data
source=localhost), I don't know how this can be. I have turned off
Windows Firewall and my virus protection, but I still get the log

I looked at a clients firebird log that has thousands of the same

This appears to have started when I upgraded to Firebird server v

When I clear the log and run a simple quick program that logs into
the database, there are maybe 10 new entries like above. If I do
selects, etc, more entries are added, although all
selects/updates/inserts run with no problem. There are no other
entries in the log.

When I execute selects/updates/inserts from DBWorkbench, a utility
program, there are no entries into the log.

Any idea why this is happening?