Subject Re: [firebird-support] Any news regarding SuperClassic and events / RemoteAuxPort?
Author Zd

1) How do you do that if your server is behind a router?
2) My app relies heavily on events because they enable displaying changes in
real time.
Also, how would you install a CS and an SS on the same computer? You'd need
to have to separate DB files!

Both of those solutions are a no-go...

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>> This is a very important feature because as of now,
> >if you want to use Firebird events through the Internet,
> >you have to choose SuperServer, which means you can throw
> >away your Dual-Core or Quad-Core CPUs.
> Why you are so pessimistic? There are at least two ways to workaround
> this problem:
> 1) Put client host to white list of your firewall after it has connected
> to FB port to allow it also connect to any other port.
> 2) Install two Firebird servers: SS for internet clients, CS for the rest.
> SY, SD.
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