Subject Re: [firebird-support] Corrupted database, maybe?
Author Aage Johansen
Raith, Daniel wrote:
> I have this customer that appears to have a (170mb) corrupted firebird
> 1.5 database.
> - I can connect to the database just fine, I just can't see any data
> - Gfix reports no problems
> - Qli, print showed no records
> - Ibsurgeon (ibfirstaid, ibundelete) tools report no problems
> - Gbak works fine except it creates a 30k FBK file with no data
> - Viewing the FDB file with ultraedit/hexedit I can see data in the file
> It's almost like every record has been deleted but no garage cleanup has
> happened.

If you use FlameRobin/IB_SQL or another tool: can you see any table
names? Any field names in those tables?
Did anyone run a script dropping tables?
Did anyone run a script deleting data?

Can you recover anything with IBsurgeon?
If not, and you can see data in the file, you might ask IBPhoenix (or
the people behind IBsurgeon) to take a look.

Aage J.
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