Subject gbak or service call / fixed size backup chunk files . . .
Author omurolmez
Hello everybody,

I use Delphi 6 and IBX components.

I am trying to backup a database as several 650 MB chunk files.

What I want to see is, enough number 650 MB chunk file plus one
chunk file smaller than 650 MB if necessary.

* First, I supply 99 unique name and theirs sizes are 650 MB. On 4
MB test db, what I see were one 4 MB chunk and ninetyeight 1 KB

* Second, I supply 1 unique name and its size is 1 MB. On 4 MB test
db, what I see were one 1 MB chunk and one 3 MB chunk.

So, is it another method to do what I want. If it is not, is it a
method to calculate expected backup size ? Or can I delete small
chunks safely in my first method (I mean this and future versions) ?

Ömür Ölmez