Subject a doubt about "cascade" triggers & exceptions
Author Sergio H. Gonzalez
Hello, I want to do some AFTER_DELETE triggers on
some tables to clean some other tables and to check if the delete can be done.

TABLE1_AFTER_DELETE runs a delete on TABLE2 or raises an exception, depending on
some condition.

TABLE2_AFTER_DELETE runs a delete on TABLE3 or raises an exception...

if TABLE3_AFTER_DELETE raises an exception, would all the previous delete
statement be rolled back?

By the way: which is the best way to do this task? ISTR (don't remember where
I read it) that is better to use triggers than foreign key to mantain the DB
consistence. Is it right? Or should I create all FK for this cases? And with FK,
a fail in the last delete, would rollback al the previous ones?

Thanks for all the help!!