Subject Re: [firebird-support] Tuning Firebird Server for Optimal Memory Usage
Author Milan Babuskov
Niben M Singh wrote:
> have 1GB memory in my PC with Linux kernel. I want to allocate like 400MB
> dedicated to my Firebird database. How can I modify firebird.conf (or
> operating system) to do so? Right now Firebird is not using much of RAM
> seems like.
> I am hoping with more caching in memory the performance will be better.

You can (as Anderson explained) but you probably don't want to. Linux
caches the filesystem very well - uses 99% RAM all the time to cache the
filesystem. So, if the machine has enough free RAM and is dedicated to
the database system, it most probably has the entire FB database file in
the filesystem cache, and fetching from there should not be
significantly slower than fetching from FB page cache.

Of course, you can play with it and see what happens. Just make sure you
don't give too much to Firebird and force rest of the system to swap to
disk as that would be really slow.

Milan Babuskov