Subject Re: [firebird-support] Two fb_lock_mgr instances
Author Milan Babuskov
personalsoft_fabiano wrote:
> Hi, today i had a corruption in a database.
> At first look, i realized there was 2 lock manager instances running.
> I remember another time i had a corruption problem i saw 2 fb_lock_mgr
> also. Is it possible?
> [root@server1-sp tmp]# ps -e | grep fb
> 2143 ? 00:00:00 fb_lock_mgr
> 30646 ? 00:00:00 fb_lock_mgr
> 31610 ? 00:00:00 fb_inet_server

Are they run by the same Linux user account? You can use command like
'ps aux' do get that info.

> I'm using FB 2.0.4 CS on Linux

Which Linux exactly?

Running multiple fb_lock_mgr is possible, I have it all the time, but
with different user accounts and different databases. To be more clear,
I run full Classic via inetd as 'root' and I also run one fb_lock_mgr as
a regular user 'milanb' for embedded applications (using db file
directly via

Milan Babuskov