Subject Re: [firebird-support] Migrate from Firebird to MSSQL2005
Author goshen couture
Hi Milan,

i use ibpump for manual data transfer but i need auto and programmable data transfer tool.

I have used data transformation service in mssql2000 to do data transfer but in mssql2005 i cant find the dts what method should i use ? another issue is how to transfer chinese char unicode_fss from firebird to mssql2005 and from mssql2005 back to firebird ? please advise thanks

halim S

Milan Babuskov <milanb@...> wrote: goshen couture wrote:
> I think i'm going to migrate from firebird database to MSSQL2005 if there is not much support for doing data transfer or synchronization from firebird(containing chinese char unicode_fss) to mssql2005 and from mssql2005 back to firebird(containing chinese char unicode_fss).

I know at least 2 good ways of doing it:

You can install Firebird ODBC driver and attach it to MSSQL as 'external
data source' (or something like that, I forgot the exact name).

After that, you can do simple:


in both directions.

Install IBDataPump and MSSQL ODBC driver. Use it to copy the data. You
can't use SQL for this, so maybe there is less control - but it's fine
if you just want to copy data around.

Milan Babuskov

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