Subject Re: FB 2.1 64 Bits on Win 2003 64, issue with transactions
Author fabianchocron
> Transactions are managed by your connectivity library. Firebird
> does what it tells it to do. Which programming
language/tool/library are
> you using?

Hi Milan,

I am using Clarion for Windows 6.2, via Easysoft ODBC 2.1
I was not using "begin transaction and commit" from the Application.
It has been working very well since Firebird 1.03
I have started to send a few Begin Transaction, and either commit or
rollback, under very special circumstances, but not constantly.
Perhaps Firebird or the client DLL has an "auto detect" mode and
after the first "explicit" begin transaction it changes into a
different mode?
And before you ask, of course every time I "begin transaction" and
until the commit or rollback, there is no user interaction or any
delay, its strait code.