Subject Newest Version Firebird upgrading
Author Olaf Kluge

In advance, thank you for your help!

I have two systems. One firebird 1.5 superserver, one firebird 2.0.3 classic

Now I will update both systems to the newest firebird 2.1-Version in classic
server. I have learned, that in classic server I must change the
db-pages-value in the firebird.conf.

For both systems a Microsoft access-frontend has access to the
firebird-server and I am using UDAs.

The second system is my problematic case. Now I have changed the
firebird.conf, but the database will be bigger and bigger. The gstat-h shows
me, that the difference between oldest and next transaction is not more high
like few days ago. After compressing database, it works fine again.

Now I will update these both systems. Do you know Problems with both current
Versions by upgrading to the newest? In the firebird-upgrade-manual are
described many cases, perhaps you can me a short info for upgrading?

Thank you very much.

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