Subject Re: firebird and webservers
Author Helen Borrie
--- In, "erikhout" <erikhout@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a few questions. I am a complete newbee using databases
> behind my webpages.
> I am using Sambar webserver under windows XP.
> I want to run Firebird within my php or other scripting language
> (please recommend).

You don't "run Firebird within...scripting language[s]". You access
Firebird using a language-specific driver. For information about the
PHP driver for Firebird you need to subscribe to the firebird-php list
(go to for subscribe details).
> how do which code could I use to works best, calling the Firebird
> Database, and using FORM-commands in my webpages?

These are architectual aspects of your web application development.
Again, if PHP is your language of choice, the people in the
firebird-php list will be able to direct you to learning resources
that they have used.
> sounds pretty stupid, but I am eager to learn. I have my Firebird-
> server and my Sambar-webserver running but that is all for the
> moment...

You will need to become competent in you web application development
language of choice and (separately) learn how a client/server database
works and how Firebird, in particular, works.
> Any suggestions? maybe someone can me guide through, step-by-step.

Feel free to post questions in this list about using Firebird -
database design, SQL language and concept questions, transactions, and
such. You will need to find suitable resources elsewhere for
designing web applications and learning about PHP or other language

For Firebird basics, visit the main website and go to the
Documentation Index.

^ heLen