Subject cannot attach to database files if path contains unicode characters
Author lucipl77
My configuration: Firebird embedded release ( or embedded release) on Windows XP x64 SP2 , Intel CPU,
IBPP, Visual C++ Visual Studio 2005.

I want to open a firebird database from the local computer and it
doesn't work if the database path contains unicode characters.
I tried several aproaches to convert the path from a widechar string
to ansi string:
- converting the path to MBCS using WideCharToMultiByte API, with
- converting the path to 8.3 format using GetShortPathName API.

The error:
when isc_attach_database is executed it returns with the following
error description:

Engine Code : 335544344
Engine Message :
I/O error for file "D:\Temp\RUSSIA~1\test.FDB"
Error while trying to open file
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.