Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: no new records inserted - database growing dramatically (Python and SQLObjec
Author Ann W. Harrison
Petr Jakes wrote:
>> Note that you have more than 11 millions transactions. Even if you
>> didn't changed nothing, they require TIP pages to be maintained.
> Does it mean "uncommitted" transactions?

No. Every transaction that starts takes two bits on a Transaction
Information Page. Those bits stay in the database until it is
restored from a gbak backup. While the transaction is active, the
bits are zero. When it commits, both bits are 1. When it rolls
back, the first bit is zero and the second is one [I think}. If
it goes into limbo, the first bit is 1 and the second is zero [or
the other way around, if I was wrong about rolled back.] Even
after all the bits on a TIP are set to 1 by clearing out all limbo
transactions and sweeping the database, the page is retained in the

11 million transactions - call it 12 to handle the overhead on page,
1.5 million bytes, or about 360 4K pages.

Does your application modify records?