Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Backup Size
Author Andrew Stuart
This is why im so confused! heh

I ran the backup to a new file, copied it to a new server and restored it to a new database
it created a file of around 1.5GB (from the 3.5GB Backup)

and depending how i back it up i get either 890 or 3.5gb, complete stumped to why

we are running an old version of FB, and some odd gds32.dll's, not sure if this could cause it.

if i can run transportable backups without any worry, ill just run those.

i did a transportable backup and restore to a new database like above, without issues.
just really interested into why im gettin such differences in sizes

i can get all the correct version numbers im using etc, maybe its some oddity with that

tho im sure i did the backup with the same batch file (non-transportable) on the new 1.5 FB Install and still got a wierd size, ill double check that tomorrow.



From: on behalf of Leyne, Sean
Sent: Mon 21/07/2008 17:12
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Backup Size


> Andrew,
> > We get a lot better Backup size using the Transportable option, I
> > wanted to be sure I don't lose anything from running these types of
> > backup?
> >
> > Non-transportable = 3.5GB backup
> >
> > Transportable = 890MB Backup
> >
> > Windows reported DB Size = 1.5GB
> These numbers do not reflect my own experience with FB/IB over the
> 14 years. Are you sure about them?

I have just run a test with a 6.742 GB database, the backup files were:

- 4.043 GB for transportable

- 4.281 GB for non-transportable


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