Subject Why FB_USER, FB_PW are not working?
Author vincent_kwinsey
I have set environment variables FB_USER, FB_PW to SYSDBA and masterkey
accordingly, but FB doesn't reckognize them somehow. My FB is 1.5.5,
Windows 2003 server and I am trying to compile FB 1.5.5 from source
under Visual Studio 2003. All is working, except for cases when baat
files should execute DB commands. Then is the error message: 'Toyr user
name and password are not defined. Ask your database adminstrator to
set up a Firebird login'.

What should I do - I restarded the command prompt only, after setting
envioronment variables. Should I restart FB server and Windows 2003
server either? This is issue, becase - when I found some gbak commands
in bat files and added -user/-password... then this part executed
normally. But there are still many places in e.g. make_boot.bat.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance!