Subject [***SPAM*** Score/Req: 5.4/4.0] [firebird-support] Re: GBAK Backup Size
Author Adam
--- In, "Andrew Stuart"
<Andrew.Stuart@...> wrote:
> Problem is we're a 24/7 company and it takes a while to scedule
reboots of certain critical systems

Well then it probably isn't the best candidate of a server to be
testing on.

> any ideas what sort of performance issues with the GDB?

> i did delete the exisiting backup and watched it backup again, still
was 2gig more than current FDB
> Also all the DB's on that server only make up 2.4GB, which is still
a gig less than the main DB's FBU ;\

Staring at a broken fuel gauge isn't going to help you determine
whether you need to fill up. You are still relying on explorer to
accurately tell you the file size of the FDB so you can determine
whether it is indeed larger.

The other possibility mentioned by Jason is if you have a multi-file
database (pointless in the current days of file systems that can
handle files terabytes in size, but pretty important in days of old
where many filesystems couldn't handle more than 2GB in a single
file). Are you 100% sure you are not just looking at the first file in
a set?

> ill have to see if i can scedule a restart of the service or
something, i dont quite know how to release all the handles? if thats
just a case of no users being connected, we'd never have that
situation occur in normal business use.

Handle = file descriptor (more or less).

You don't touch the database file. The Firebird engine does on your
behalf. When you shutdown the engine, obviously any open handles to
the file are closed. With nothing holding the database file open, I
would expect explorer to show accurate figures.