Subject Firebird group by empty string?
Author Richard Wesley
Hey all -

I have a table containing a one character column with a domain
consisting of the 1 character strings 1-9 and the empty string. When
I say

SQL> select count(1), C from T group by 2;

I get only the counts for the non-empty strings. But if I say:

SQL> select count(1), char_length(C) from T group by 2;

I get all the counts.

Now, this is under FB 2.1.1, but it appears that the database is an
ODS 11.0 file, meaning it was created by 2.0.x. Running the same
query under a 2.0.3 server gives the correct result. I have been
unable to generate a simple repro case, but I will try to see if I
can get the data (it may be customer data).

We can just tell our users to regenerate their data files (this is an
embedded application) but I was wondering if this is intended
behaviour. Is it a known bug? And if so, is it in the "won't fix"
pile because a gbak cycle will solve the problem?

Richard Wesley Senior Software Developer Tableau