Subject Firebird Replication/Cluster with Fail over
Author call.assist
Hi All

We currently are running 3 firebird (v1.5 classic) servers, one
live , one fail-over and one DR site.

The fail over gets a restore from a backup made every 2 hours on the
live server (via Gbak)
and the DR site gets a copy manually every thur

This is obviously pretty inadequate, and no where near ideal for our
company. (and at worse case the data's 2hours out of date if only an
onsite problem with the main server, alot worse if the whole site is

we're a 24/7 call centre which needs a replicated fail over DB just
incase etc (also one at a DR site connected via a rather slow adsl
connection, but thats another matter possibly..)

So I'm lookin for any help/idea's from you well clued up types :)

FB is all pretty new to me and from what i can tell replicaton on it
is pretty lousy (prove me wrong please!!)
I've looked at the various options, and they all seem to run via
triggers and only really replicate update/delete/insert statements.
And im wary at the problems of sync'ed data should the wan link go
down to our DR site.

Clustering seemed an option, but it seems from previous posts that
this isnt much of an option due to the shared memory locks?

Anyhow ideas/suggestions much appriecated.