Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird to periodically execute a stored procedure
Author Milan Babuskov
emel wrote:
> It can triggered by login or logout or transaction start/stop [now at FB
> 2.1] but I don't like if this work slow down original event (this is
> foreign task for theese).

In that case ON DISCONNECT looks like the best candidate to me. The
client app. is probably finished doing what it was doing already, so it
could have a minimal impact on the 'feeling of working slow'.

> Since FB 2.1 and database triggers, only a little step for a
> periodically fired database trigger.

You mean something like CREATE TRIGGER ON FULL HOUR BEGIN .. END? :)

I'd hate to be working on such database as a single user and see that
some of my data mystically changes without anyone else connecting to it ;)

Milan Babuskov