Subject Really slow database performance
Author phil_hhn
Hi, we have a firebird (1.5.4) database on a remote suse linux server,
and we are getting really slow performance. Our ping time to the
server is 250-300ms.
As an example, I connected via IBExpert, and after a really slow
startup if I dbl-click a table to bring up its details, this takes 20
We ran Wireshark (aka Ethereal) on the connection and it seems the
dialog between IBExpert and the remote DB Server is a mixture of TCP
and "GDS DB" protocols. The TCP packets all seem to be processed quite
quickly, but the GDS DB ones are really slow... typically 300-400ms
for each packet. So it would appear all the GDS DB packets are sent
synchronously or have extra handshaking. Because there is so much
to-and-fro'ing, this adds up to quite a long time.

If there is extra handshaking or synchronous behaviour, is there some
settings we can switch off (in firebird) to speed things up? I gather
Firebird 2 may have improved this protocol, but for now we must remain
on 1.5.4.
[When we run our main application, normal startup (includes a lot of
database I/O) with a local database is about 10 seconds, but with the
remote database, 20 minutes!!]

Thanks in advance,