Subject Re: [firebird-support] Odd problem - inconsistent result set
Author Sergio H. Gonzalez
From: "Vlad Khorsun"

>> The indices weren't rebuild. If an index is broken can it regenerate
>> automatically under some circunstance?

> Automatically by the engine - never.

Sorry about the intromission... but I'd like to ask some questions on this

1) How can a FB index be damaged? I didn't know that was a risk in FB...
2) It works in the same way that DBFs ? I mean: a bad index can cause bad
3) It is possibble for the engine to tell if there is a bad index?

> Does you did backup\restore circle for this database ?

1) Is there any "correct" way to do this? I posted a question about that some
days before. I do it with a .BAT file, and rename the restored database to the
original one. Would you be so kind to show how do you do it? And how often?

Thank you very much !!