Subject Re: f_GenerateSndxIndex fails on accented characters
Author Dan Cooperstock
The database's default charset is also UTF8.

I'm not sure how to determine how it is being encoded in the actual
command. I'm currently running it from PowerBuilder, which uses

I also just tried the same command in isql in a Command Prompt
window, with exactly the same error message.

By the way, I just noticed that the actual problem accented character
isn't necessarily showing up, depending on how you read this posting.
It is a capital E, with a French "accent egu" above it (a tick mark,
like an apostrophe).

--- In, Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
<adrianosf@...> wrote:
> Dan Cooperstock escreveu:
> > The UDF declaration is:
> >
> > declare external function f_GenerateSndxIndex
> > cstring(256)
> > returns
> > cstring(6) /* free_it */
> > entry_point 'GenerateSndxIndex' module_name 'FreeUDFLib';
> >
> > The character set (declared in the ODBC DSN) is UTF8.
> >
> Are you passing the string parameter encoded in UTF8? And what is
> database charset?
> Adriano