Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak
Author Anderson Farias

> I do this (manually, not automatically) because sometimes I want to
> "purgue" the
> database I tought it was a common practice, once in a while to backup &
> restore.

Yes, it is. BUT, with the server (or database at leasr) *down*
and 'once in a while' (to me) has been once or twice a year, the most!.

>I seem to remember
> that I read somewhere that could be dangerous (database corruption) to
> copying
> or rename a database.

Yes, that's right, if the database is opened by the fb server application
(AFAIK, even if no user is connected any more and you have not forced writes
on). You should shutdown FB Server (or your DB) before doing a file
operation (eg. copy)

Anderson Farias