Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak
Author Sergio H. Gonzalez
From: Svein Erling Tysvær
> Why do you rename the database files, Sergio? Do you have any problems that
> gets 'solved' (hidden) this way? Hopefully, renaming the files will fail if
> someone is connected to the database. If someone was in the middle of a
> transaction when you did the backup, even if they disconnected before the
> restore, their changes would not be in the restored backup.

Thanks for the answers lads!!
I do this (manually, not automatically) because sometimes I want to "purgue" the
database I tought it was a common practice, once in a while to backup & restore.
I just wander how the experimented Firebird people does it... I seem to remember
that I read somewhere that could be dangerous (database corruption) to copying
or rename a database. But I'm not sure about this. Probably I misread some
article long time ago...