Subject Re: FB2.1 & Terminal Server
Author Adam
--- In, "Sergio H. Gonzalez"
<shg_sistemas@...> wrote:
> Hello, A customer of mine decided to change the working scheme. Now
all the
> clients PC connect to the server via Terminal Server and runs my app
> in the server. I'm using FB 2.1. So far everything is working without
> problems, but I just wander if that's a good way to work in a
> database enviroment. Hope I'm clear! -sergio

Yes, it is a good way of running a client-server app designed with LAN
bandwidth and latency in mind over a slower WAN. From a Firebird
perspective, using a local or embedded connection won't work but TCP
connections (via hostname or IP) work fine. Or at least that was the
case with 1.5, may have been fixed since.

There are other considerations like printing, CALs (+$) and firewall
considerations, but we have been delivering our application almost
solely over terminal services for about 4 years.