Subject Re: [firebird-support] IN clause limitation
Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier if you had a Select_Yes/No field in
your main table. How does your user decide which CUSTOMERS he/she
wants? By a tick-box in a grid or similar.
This way you could use:

No limits; faster as well. No compromise on your security model either.
Alan J Davies

Quoting Alexandre Benson Smith <iblist@...>:

> G. Plante wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have to generate queries with IN clause that looks like something
>> like:
>> 0000666','CUS-0000888', ... );
>> My problem is the limitation of 1499 items of the IN clause.
>> Since my program has a very complex security and also since reports
>> are generated using an external report generator (so I do not have
>> complete control on queries of the report generator), I cannot use
>> temporary tables or view or any other work arround. Unfortunately, I
>> have to use an IN clause.
>> For example, it can have 200 000 customers in the CUSTOMERS table.
>> The user (according to his security level) can access only 10 000
>> customers. And when this same user run the report, he could decide to
>> print report only for 5000 customers he selected. So, without telling
>> you all details, the only way for the moment I have is to use the IN
>> clause.
>> Now my question is:
>> Since computers now have a lot of memory and since computers are now
>> faster than ever, why there is still a 1499 limitation in the IN
>> clause? Is Firebird is planning to increase or illiminate this
>> limitation?
>> Thanks in advance for your answers.
>> G. Plante
> I tend to disagree with you...
> You always have a chance to use the same 10000 values and populate a
> temporary table and use a join to produce the desired result on the
> report...
> see you !
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