Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database corruption (again) or what is wrong with Firebird.
Author Milan Babuskov
derryck.welas wrote:
> see your using XFS.
> Try ext3 , used it for more than 3 years without a glitch and running
> on fb2.0.3 (preparing for 2.1)

Agreed. Because of the way they internally work, databases on
filesystems like XFS and ReiserFS are more likely to get corrupt in case
of the power failure or system crash (kernel crash). Ext3 is almost
unbreakable, even with forced writes off (because of the way it writes
data to the disk). Even better alternative would be to skip the
filesystem completely and use the raw partition (but that has some other
drawbacks). I plan to talk in more detail about all this at this year's
Firebird Conference.

Of course, if OP didn't have power failure or system crashes, something
else might be the problem.

Milan Babuskov